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About Stache Drilling Company

    Stache Drilling has been working exclusively within the elevator industry since 1990. Since then we have successfully completed thousands of hydraulic jack hole drill projects throughout the Midwest and beyond. Whether your elevator project requires the drilling work to be completed outside the building or inside, new construction or existing, passenger cars or freight, no project is too large or too small.



Services We Provide

New Elevator Construction:                                

  •  Outside/Truck Mounted Drilled Holes

  •  Inside/Skid Mounted or Auger/Rotary Drilled Holes



Existing Elevator Repairs and Modernization:

  •  Removal of old/leaking Hydraulic Pistons and Cylinders

  •  Removal of Auxilliary Casings and PVC

  •  Existing Jack hole Clean-out

  •  Containment and Disposal of hydraulic contaminated spoils

  •  Modify Existing Jack Holes for Size and Plumbnes

  •  Casing/LIning of Existing or Re-Drilled Jack Holes


Elevator Jack Hole / Water Well Abandonment:

  • Elevator jack hole abandoned, and back-filled per your local State standards.

Waterproofing Elevator Pits:

  • Resin Injection system to seal off water to elevator pits, and basements



Consulting: Just Ask Us!

    Over the past 25 years, we have completed elevator and drilling work in every imaginable environment, from schools and nursing homes to nuclear power plants. We have coordinated projects with construction companies, elevator consultants, building owners and owner's representatives and managers. We have listened to the frustrations associated with the cost of repairs, down-time, and general lack of understanding. If there is anything we can do to make this process more confortable, please contact us.

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