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DNR Hole Abandonment and Capping


After a hydraulic elevator is fully removed from service, or decommissioned, the cylinder jack hole must also be responsibly abandoned and capped. The jack hole, similar to a water well, is often times drilled into or through the water table, which we all utilize for drinking and our day to day activities. In order to prevent future contamination of that water, the Wisconsin DNR, and most other States, require a specific abandonment procedure to be followed.


First, the hydraulic cylinder assembly must be fully removed from the jack hole/well hole. Afterwards, a licensed or authorized person or company shall oversee the completion of the back-filling and capping of the well. After all abandonment work is complete, proper paperwork is required to be filled out and submitted to the State. The State of Wisconsin requires the submittal of WI DNR Form 3300-005. 

Stache Drilling & Elevator Services Co is able to complete any portion of the decommissioning, abandonment and capping process. We can provide a bid for removing elevator cab, rails, electrical components and cylinder assembly, or simply provide a bid to abandon and cap the well hole. 

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