Elevator Pit Waterproofing

   Elevators pits can be susceptible to flooding and water leakage because of the fact that the pits are usually one of the lowest points in a building and therefor below grade. Water can seep into the pit and pool there causing damage to the concrete foundation and to the elevator equipment. There are many things that can cause this problem like a natural disaster, aging concrete foundation, or faulty construction. More than likely this can cost tens of thousands of dollars in repairs to the elevator. You can prevent this or treat an existing problem by calling Stache Drilling Elevator Services. We provide a resin injection system that stop all water into the elevator pit area. It doesn't requires minimal elevator downtime, and more cost effective than digging and drain. We always guarantee a dry pit!

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Testimonal From A Recent Customer

"We had an elevator cylinder fail in our hospital and the elevator company removed the damaged
cylinder. When they did, it was discovered that we had a significant gravel in the pit and a groundwater
problem that prevented the elevator company from installing a new cylinder. Stache Drilling came on site and offered to assist. We cut an extra hole in the floor of the pit to divert some of the groundwater so that Brent and his crew could evacuate the gravel from the pit and insert a new
casing. Once the new cylinder was installed we couldn’t stop the flow of water from the relief hole we
cut. We were pumping at least 62 gallons per minute of water out of that hole. Once again Brent
Stache was called to help us stop the flow of water. He and his team were able to drill holes in the floor
of the pit and pump in a waterproofing agent which eventually stopped the flow of water. Our elevator
pits are now drier than they have ever been!! Our water problems have been solved thanks to Stache
Drilling Elevator Services."

Chief Ancillary Officer
Rochelle Community Hospital
Rochelle, IL 61068

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