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Hydraulic Cylinder Replacment

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Many of the hydraulic elevators running today were installed in the 1960's and 70's. There are two component to this type of elevator. The first component is the equipment visible to the eye as you ride the elevator. With proper preventative maintenance, this equipment can last indefinitely. The second component is the down hole cylinder and piston assembly, which descends into the ground as far as your elevator travels up. This steel cylinder, after years underground, surrounded by water and moisture, will start to rust and corrode. After a time, the corrosion is so complete that the cylinder will begin to leak, causing the elevator to become inoperable. At this point, the only repair option is a complete removal and replacement of the existing down hole cylinder assembly. 

Stache Drilling & Elevator Services Co has been working exclusively with hydraulic elevators and cylinders for 30+ years. Our time developed replacement methods and procedures allow us to complete any cylinder replacement quickly and competitively. 

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